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Supervising Mental Health at Work

Among many online courses which you can find on our website to purchase, we offer Supervising stress and mental health at work online course.

This course will look at supervising stress and mental health at work and show you how to create a good mental health culture in your workplace. The course starts by examining the negative effects of poor mental health on individuals and also considers the many benefits of mental health interventions by employers. You'll learn the six main areas that can lead to work-related stress and discover how to recognise when individuals and teams are under stress. Companies are legally bound to assess health risks from stress at work, and we'll show how to assess those risks, along with how to recruit, and train Mental Health First Aiders. You'll learn how to create a good mental health culture within your workplace and how to conduct a Mental Health Audit and produce a Mental Health Policy and Action Plan. Finally, you'll learn a number of proven ways to promote a good mental health culture within your workplace.

Mental health has been a main area of concern in health and safety industry, among HR professionals, organisations and the wider industry for a while now. Annual statistics published by HSE are not optimistic. It is crucial to equip supervisors in specific knowledge of HSE's Management Standards for them to help in building a culture of organisation where the people can thrive.

You can purchase a course by following a link:

If you have issues with mental health in your organisation, we offer services such as a stress audit, mental health surveys, stress risk assessment, mental health policy, strategy and advice regarding best way of addressing the problem.

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Online course - Supervising Mental Health at Work

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